Charter Helicopter Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

We think the exclusive CharterHelicopter cost calculator is a pretty awesome tool. It's also a self-learning; with each booking it is able to better refine your cost prediction. That said, it is just a calculator and should be considered for information purposes, only. Actual estimates may come in higher or lower and will include any discount rate negotiated by CharterHelicopter with the operator(s) on your behalf. Here are a few FAQs about this tool:

What's included in the cost prediction?

The cost prediction includes estimated flight time, ferrying time, and the agency fee. It does not include applicable taxes, landing and airport fees, or additional flight/standby time.

 Why is the cost prediction a range?

There are several reasons for this. Mostly it has to do with the fact that several helicopter options are included in the range. Each Operator prices their helicopters differently and because they are often coming from different locations their ferrying time is different. To complete a successful booking, CharterHelicopter has to have all of these options available when it begins its booking process. Individual helicopters are often unavailable on the date and time required.

 Why is this VIP Class helicopter priced better than a Standard Class one?

Usually this has to do with the fact that there happens to have a VIP helicopter more closely located to your departure point than the standard one.

 What about the costs not included?

With any luck, a helicopter toward the low end of the prediction range will be available and any additional costs will still fall well within the originally-predicted cost range. The costs we have chosen to exclude are highly variable and very difficult to predict but once operators begin providing formal quotes and estimates, these unknowns will dissipate.

Here are some rule-of-thumb guides regarding additional costs:

What's included in the round trip prediction?

The round-trip cost assumes you will complete your round-trip leg within a matter of hours. For extended round-trips, the helicopter may have to return to base before completing a second round-trip to pick you up. These are charged as two round-trips.


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